Virtual Reality Coaching

Experience a new dimension fo training through our virtual reality coaching program. Step into immersive simulations that replicated real-life job scenerios, guided by a digital coach. Gain hands-on experience, peronalized instruction, and expert feedback that hones essential skills. Our VR modules are designed to improve job placement and retention rates, offering practical paythways to success in well-paying roles.


Through our contacts and resources, we are available to connect those in need with housing opportunities and options.


We help create educational plans that can help further foster career growth and personal development. We have relationships with schools that offer free or low-priced educational opportunities.

Personal Development/Life Skills

We have self-help and personal development programs to help those deal with any issues that may be impeding their growth. This is based on character development and not just behavioral modification. Furthermore, we have life skills programs that teach money management, anger management, parenting and effective communications.

Food and Clothing

We have relationships with organizations that help provide clothing including interview clothing. We also have contact with food banks and get notices for free food giveaways that are available.

Counseling/Coaching and Mentorship

Made New Foundation offers mentorship and counseling services to those who are in need. We help encourage and provide guidance.

Arts and Cultural Connection

We help provide participants a platform and the space to connect with their own culture and heritage. We are a remarkably diverse group with different backgrounds, ethnicities, skin colors and taste. We prefer different forms of art and entertainment. Recognizing this, we help create the space needed for people to feel safe and comfortable to be themselves.

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